Monday, April 26, 2004

Computers, choose the same one.

I'm doing this, usually going after a certain computer in the office when there are plenty of others to use. We have a hot desking office, which makes it more fun in some respects because you can sit by different people all the time.

Since our sessions are on the Sun Ray servers, we can login from any office in any part of the world and have our desktop there right in front of us, brought to us over the SWAN (Sun Wide Area Network).

Even though there are plenty of machines available, I'm always looking to sit in the same place or the same few places. I put this down to having a good (or better) view of the rest of the office and also having some privacy. I hate people being able to see my display, not because I have anything to hind but simple because a little privacy is nice.

It's like people looking through your windows of your house, not something you would like. It seems that I am not the only one who likes to get the same machines, in fact a lot of people do it.

There are other reasons, but it's quite funny to think about.

An interesting thought - would productivity go down when the said person is not able to engage their favourite machines?

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