Thursday, April 1, 2004


The word has been for a while that Google may delve in and create a web based email service and it seems that it is true. It looks like each user of Gmail will have 1gb of storage space, which is quite a lot for a free service. I think that Google will have to invest in some of our high end StorEdge systems, with terrabytes of storage with redundancy of course.

Looks exciting, we'll have to wait for more information.

UPDATE: 04/04/2004

Here are some screen shots of Gmail.

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Isn't the jury still out on whether this is an April Fools hoax?

Posted by: Kev Spencer at April 1, 2004 06:04 PM

I didn't mention the April Fools factor, simple because I don't think it would be in Google's interests to do a fool like that...

Something else yeah, but not something announcing a new "good" service and then saying "Oh, only joking."

Wouldn't really make sense!
Maybe I'm wrong, we'll have to wait and see :)

Posted by: jase at April 1, 2004 06:22 PM


Yeah, I dunno, maybe GMail *is* real. Time will tell I suppose.

I couldn't help but wonder if it was a hoax based on the timing of the press release. 1GB for *every* account is rather ambitious afterall.

Should prove to be quite interesting :-)

Posted by: Kev Spencer at April 1, 2004 06:37 PM

Indeed, I think that 1gb would be very ambitious at any time. Although, If I remember right, there are/were other online storage solutions offering this amount of not far off for free. It just depends on how many users sign up, also consdering most would not use anywhere near 1gb then it could be a feasible project.. and I'm sure there would be some money making in there for Google via ads or whatever...

We'll have to wait!

Posted by: jase at April 2, 2004 02:00 AM

Well, there are some screen shots... so it is real :)

Posted by: jase at April 5, 2004 01:15 AM
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