Saturday, March 20, 2004

Yahoo paid inclusion

Recently people have been talking about paid inclusion on search engines. I've known that Yahoo has been doing this for ages and so have other engines. As people have been paying it is nothing new.

I just caught JZ's post, where he is defending Yahoo's paid inclusion scheme. I'll defend it as well as probably most other ones. Some people have obviously got the wrong idea about it and jumped in at the deep end.

In the case of Yahoo at least, paying only confirms that your listing WILL make it to the public directory & maybe a little quicker. If you didn't pay, then your site might not make it in and it might take a little longer even if it is to be included.

It does not (as some people think) get you a better ranking in search results which is the main thing people have taken the wrong way. At the end of the day Yahoo is a business and like any business it will usually do things to help it evolve and make money. Yes, there will need to be some element of filtering to take place even on paid inclusions as there is no point filling a directory with rubbish but search results are another story.

Read Dan Gillmor's article.

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