Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Bank charges

I find it really annoying that banks think they can charge the amounts they do for various things. For example, my bank thinks it is really acceptable that they charge me on three seperate dates in a month, the fee of twenty five pounds because I went over my limit.

Fair enough, one charge - but three? That is really taking it too far. I'm glad that banks are being told that they cannot continue doing things like this. Another thing which they have been doing is holding money in accounts which could be transferred, instead they hold money for longer to earn extra money from the interest.

Since we are customers of the bank, you would think that they would want to keep us. Making stupid charges as they do will cause us to take our custom to another bank.

The big banks in the UK are the worst for the charges, some of the smaller online only ones are not so bad and thus are getting popular. A little bit of advise for the big banks out there - sort it out!

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