Thursday, February 26, 2004

ATM skimming

It's been talked about at the moment on various sites, but this kind of thing has been taking place for a long time. Only now, it seems to be on the rise as more people are installing devices on ATM machines to swipe user card details.

The units also incorporate a small camera so that pin information can also be captured. In some cases this information is transmitted to the criminals who could be located in a car close to the ATM.

It's important to watch out for these things, sometimes on certain ATM machines they will be pretty obvious, but in some cases to the untrained eye, they would sit there logging details for quite some time without being noticed.

Skimmers used in shops have been around for a long time but we are now seeing the migration to actual ATM's as well. There are various steps to take when using ATM's. In case there is a skimmer and camera present, it would be a good idea to cover the keys as you enter your pin, so if there is a camera present it will not have a shot at the keys being pressed which would invalidate the entire operation as most places are migrated over to chip & pin designs in stores.

I think there have currently been more reports of this taking place in the USA, but as skimmer units become more easily available as ready made units, we will see more people being targeted.

It all comes down to being alert and looking out for odd looking things on ATM's.
A bit of common sense helps a lot! If in doubt, don't use it and report the fact that something might be up, to the bank.

The question is, will banks cover any personal / business losses when you are the victim of this crime? If not, it's more out of order. If the banks cover the losses then it won't be as bad for the individuals pocket - banks can afford the losses, the general public cannot.

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