Thursday, February 19, 2004

More mobile phone scams

There appears to be a number of mobile phone scams taking place at the moment. I've got a mail from a friend telling me about one, it appears that number beginning with 0709 are personal numbers which can be obtained and forwarded to other numbers. The scam involves getting a missed call from one of the numbers being used to scam and the victim calls the number back.

They are then re-routed to a premium rate number which is charged at very high rates. After getting a bill with the call on, they contact their mobile operator to find out what has happened. Currently it appears to be legal, but is being clamped down on.

So, if you get calls from numbers that you don't know that begin with 0709, be wary!

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YAC is aware of the e-mail circulating, advising recipients not to call any number beginning with the digits 0709. The e-mail warns the recipient that they may be charged 50 per minute for the call.

This e-mail text first surfaced in excess of a year ago, but in recent weeks appears to have gained a new momentum. In addition to the e-mail, the story also appeared on the Channel 4 / ITN news service on the 18th February.

Within the UK, the cost to consumers of calling any number range is strictly regulated by OFCOM (the government regulator). All numbers beginning with the digits '070' are designated as personal numbers. YAC has nearly one million personal numbers in circulation. YAC personal numbers are designated at the industry 'K' rate. The cost of calling these numbers is similar to the cost of calling a mobile phone number. For example, the cost of calling YAC issued 0709 numbers from a BT landline (incl VAT) is:- Daytime 37.5p per min / Evening 25p per min / Weekend 10p per min. These are BT's standard published rates. They do not charge 50 per minute. The cost of calling may vary from mobile phones and other telecom operators, but certainly not to the extent quoted.

OFCOM has issued a statement advising consumers that the 'scam' is totally fictitious. No telecom operator is authorised to charge such a fee for a call to such a number. In addition, any revenue received by a telecom operator for calls made to an 0709 number is never passed to the call recipient - and therefore such a 'scam' would be pointless. ICTSIS, the regulator of Premium Rate Number Services has also issued a statement. ICTSIS have responsibility for the monitoring of all premium rate revenue earning numbers. The number range beginning 070 is not one of these. All premium rate numbers begin "090...". Again, they advise consumers that there is no such scam. Channel 4 / ITN have issued a corrected story. YAC is also aware that many corporate businesses have issued a corrective statement to their staff - primarily because they realised that many of their staff used YAC numbers to manage voice and fax calls.

In terms of charging the customer for the re-direction - this does not happen. A consumer can only be charged for the call they have made - they do not get charged for where the call is re-directed to. YAC pays the cost of redirected calls, not the caller. YAC has in built within its systems measures that prevent calls going to destinations that would prove unprofitable. We do not in any circumstance re-direct to premium rate numbers.
Whilst it is appreciated that the purpose of sending the original e-mail was well meaning, and that there are many scams that consumers must be aware of, YAC believes that the sending of such an e-mail with false information to be reckless. However, YAC is confident that the action taken by YAC, other telecom operators, and the regulatory authorities will correct the misleading impression, and that YAC numbers will continue to prove to a valuable tool to many individuals and businesses.

Posted by: Peter Feerick at February 24, 2004 10:35 AM

Not true. It is easy to obtain a K rate 07005 or 07009 number and use to advantage. You can generate monies from them as easy as 0870 and 0871 numbers. So beware!!

Posted by: jules at May 13, 2004 12:39 AM

recentle i received a missed call from a 070 no and i returned the call bcos i thought it could have been my friend. I dilled the no and it kept on ringing when i recieved the bill i was charged for dilling the no. I contacted my service provider and i was advised to contact the police. The police have advised me that they can do nothing,,,,,,,,,

Posted by: shohid at September 11, 2004 12:33 PM

Guys, you need to educate yourself.

When you dial an 070 number it starts to divert the call to another landline number which you do not pay for, you only pay for the 070 call which is the same price as a mobile. You will be charged when the call starts and not when it answers. Before posting messages or sending out emails get your facts straight first otherwise you just spread the rumours and panic people

Posted by: MMM at October 20, 2004 06:25 PM

Guys, you need to educate yourself.

When you dial an 070 number it starts to divert the call to another landline number which you do not pay for, you only pay for the 070 call which is the same price as a mobile. You will be charged when the call starts and not when it answers. Before posting messages or sending out emails get your facts straight first otherwise you just spread the rumours and panic people

Posted by: MMM at October 20, 2004 06:25 PM

This kind of thing is called an NTS - Number translation service. I am a telecoms software engineer and so have a detailed konwledge on these kind of things. If you phone a number you are charged the basic amount for the first leg of the call. It does not matter at all if the calli is diverted, ther person who "owns" the dialed number picks up this cost (or receives payment if the the second leg of the call is to a UK Land Line). Personal numbers are also not the same price as mobiles and the prices vary massively -

Furthermore not all 070 numbers redirect to another number, it is quite possible that this is a real non geographical number. This is not very common, but still possible.

This is a very quick tour of nts billing, so let me know if I`ve missed anything that you want to know about.

Posted by: Marc at November 10, 2004 03:17 PM


just dialed as missed call 0709 number and was charge 1.90 for the privilidge of being redirected 3 times.... to an International Premium rate number...

don't tell me this is not a scam...

Posted by: Jim at November 11, 2005 04:39 PM

Yes It's true, I've had a similar thing I get a missed call ,then i dialled back and heard what appears to be a ringing tone. But in reality I think this is an electronic answering service playing a recording of a ringing tone to make U wait longer , hence charging U more. I called O2 they know about this scam couldnt do anything advised me to contact Oftel. If this thing is legal then someone is making an awful lot of money out of this scam. why don't we all do it then ....

Posted by: Alone at November 15, 2005 09:16 PM

I have joined this board today, to confirm that there is something going on with this Scam business.
I suspect that it originates from the USA, where I got some calls last year to say I had won a prize etc.
Today, I have had about 6 calls from 070998426**
(last to numbers omited).the phone rings once which is not enough time to answer.Expecting some calls, I called back, and each time you are told that they are trying to conect your call. This happens 3 times, and then you might get an answerphone in either a US accent, or a UK one. If you leave a message, they do not call you back, and leave you one, they just call again, and you call them back.Each time you are put on hold with this dialing machine, that gives you the impression, that you are not connected,But you are, and are paying.
I have just called Vodafone, who are not aware of any scam, but are checking to see whether I have been charged for the calls......So DO beware, and do not return these calls

Posted by: PTG at November 23, 2005 08:18 PM

I've had missed calls from 0709 numbers before and I've never called them back for obvious reasons. This morning I received a call but it carried on ringing until I answered. There was some gibberish spoken before the line went dead. They're getting clever at this - or more cheeky!
The number was 07099 806345 - don't call this number.
Rather than use my personal mobile to call the number I used a work phone. After dialing the number it said, "Please hold whilst we connect your call" and it transferred me to what I can only imagine is a recording of a phone ringing in an effort to keep you holding as long as possible.

I contacted Vodafone to enquire about the number. They looked on their system at the number that had called me and it was different to what had come up on my phone. (I've only had one call this morning). They couldn't give me the number, only the first 4 digits which was 0207. Customer Services were not very helpful. They could give the number to the Police if they'd phoned me 3 times and I had a crime number, or they could give me a new phone number (I've had my number 10 years and a new phone number won't make any difference). Don't have a clue about the charges but this is definitely a scam that appears to be completely legal and our phone companies aren't doing a lot to protect their customers.

Posted by: Pantherax at November 30, 2005 10:33 AM

In the last few days i have been receiving calls from 08006340020.
First time i missed the call, so i rung back and it had a ladies voice saying its a question line.
Didnt think anything of it, next day it rung and i answered and it hung up..been getting this since and i get about 6 calls a day.
Anyone else having this problem?

Posted by: stevehicks123 at December 8, 2005 10:48 AM

In this week i have got 5 calls from 08006340020 already. At first i thought it was from e2save because this phone number started since I gave contact number to e2save. While same as the post above, when i rung back , a lady just says we dont expect further action from you. sometime when i answered immediately , it hung up soon. Do I need to check with my network provider?

Posted by: donova at December 15, 2005 11:19 AM

Earlier today had a call from 07099 838 297 - girls voice saying "Hello-hello-hello" and then phone was hung up.

Tried to ring back, but after I heard call being transfered I hung up.

Checked rates for these numbers - 40p-50p/min (these are not premium call numbers).

Spoke this evening to my mobile phone operator and they tried the number and they agree that it is likely to be scam.

They suggested that perhaps by calling the number you automatically subscribe to something - ring tones, website - whatever.....

Rather more sophisticated scam, normally they just ring you (one ring only) and then you call back to see who it is and it may
cost you lots of money. This has pre-recorded girl's voice and sound like that she is trying to get in touch with you, so you are
more tempted to call back...DONT!!!

Posted by: 13ata at December 15, 2005 07:07 PM

Bullseye Scam.

My family appear to be targets of a new mobile phone scam known as the Bullseye scam. It all started when my daughter was making an online purchase in the run up to christmas. Part of the webpage order pageasked for her home telephone number and a mobile contact number. About ten days later, we have been receiving up to 15 calls a day from what sounds like an automated system which plays catchphrases from Jim Bowen from the Bullseye TV program. One of the mobile calls had a return number which I foolishly rang to find out what was going on. There was silence at the other end. It was only when I got my bill this morning did I realise that I had been charged £15 for ringing the number. I have also rang the number from my home phone and NTL have advised me that a £15 call fee has been placed on my account for every call that has been received. I have reported the matter to the police and would advise anyone who receives a call using one of the following catchphrases to do the same. Only then will this sort of scam be stopped. The phrases I have been subject to as far as I can determine them are :-

Now you've won nothing, but here's your B-F-H, your Bus Fare Home"

"Oh not another speed boat is it"

"Super, Smashing, Great!"

"Look at what you could have won."

"I've got seven ponds here, it's going to take me two minutes to count this out,
I'll see you after the break - it gets no better!"

"Here's your spelling question, spell "dog"... I'll check that with Bully. Mooooo!"

Both BT and the police are currently investigating this and I will keep you updated. But beware leaving your details on certain websites as myself and my family have endured a rotten xmas due to this evil scam.

Posted by: GP05 at January 4, 2006 03:30 PM

I have succumbed to this scam and from the calls themselves I get the idea that the scam works in the following way: The number to call is a valid mobile number, but after one ring the ringing tone changes slightly at which point it is my opinion that the number is diverted to a premium rate number and the phone has in fact been answered and the tone is a recording of a tone being played not an actual tone.

Posted by: wyadvd at September 23, 2006 08:50 PM

The scam is true!! I've been getting missed calls from a number for a week, and its pissing me off somewhat to be honest. Its always a different number but with the same dialing code '07099' I try to ring it back but the ring tone changes, i agree with the user who has commented above me, it definitely sounds like a recording of a dialing tone, i contacted my phone operator and they informed me that all they could really do is change my number, if the problem persists i'm going to contact the police, Not they're really going to care or do anything about it, i'll prob just be sat down in a room and have another hour of my life wasted as they take a pointless statement off me then file it away and do nothing with it.

Posted by: Rob at September 25, 2006 12:08 PM

Hi, this is what I have discovered. The 0709 8xxxxx numbers that keep calling me 3 times a day are apparently "follow me" numbers. These means that they are charged at a premium rate although they aren't true premium numbers.
I am on Vodafone who tell me they are receiving many hundreds of complaints per day on this and we all should keep pressuring our operators to get it stopped!

If you search google, it says 07099 8 numbers are "Jupiter Modes" assigned numbers. Is this a Company? If so we should find a way to get back at them. It is all very well for people to say "don't call back unknown numbers" but I use my mobile for work and get doazens of unknown numbers ring me. To field them all via voicemail would cost me more, and take hours longer!
Note to Nokia et al - please can I have a function on my phone that when I enter a code it blows up the mobile of the person ringing me, possibly removing their hand or something?

Posted by: nj at September 25, 2006 08:08 PM
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