Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Increased levels of spam

With all of the worms spreading around on the Internet at the moment, it's hardly a shock to see that most of us are receiving a lot more spam and worm related mail than in recent times. Of late, it has been news of worm after worm, which I thinkwill probably now continue.

So what can we do? Ensure that our anti-virus software is always updated and setup proper filtering to ensure that these mails don't even reach our inboxes.

I've been getting so much junk lately that I've got loads of unread mail as I have not had time to go through and sort it all out. I'm going to employ new filtering to lower the amount of rubbish coming through to various addresses.

I suppose as far as commercial spam goes, people must buy stuff that is advertised via spam else there would be no point in sending it all out - on the other hand though, maybe spammers just spam to annoy people, knowing that people will not buy their products or the ones that they are just advertising anyway.

And we thought it was bad at the moment...

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