Wednesday, January 28, 2004

MyDoom spreading fast

Well, it appears that MyDoom is spreading fast and SCO has announced that it has put up a reward of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons involed. Good luck to them...

In the mean time, SCO had better put some protection in place to help see that their site stays up come February 1st. It seems, according to Message Labs and other filtering outfits that MyDoom is up there as being the fatest spreading worm yet!

Message Labs has already blocked over 1 million copies. Not only is this going to cause issues for SCO, it is causing problems for company mail servers all over the world. Especially with the extra traffic generated by auto-responders and added to that - the fact that a lot of mail is being sent to random email addresses that don't exist causing a lot of failure messages and failed mail being held in mail server queues.

I suppose that SCO have asked for this attack - depending on how you look at it, be it right or wrong it looks like they are going to have to just take it. The fact that filtering firms are already blocking it will reduce the spread but there will still be a lot of people infected and as we have seen from previous examples, unless there is a built in shut off date - these worms / virii will be around for a long time and in some cases they will never be killed off totally.

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