Saturday, January 24, 2004

Damn, I forgot about the trains!

I've just got back from being down south, after a mighty 5.5 hour trip. The extended trip back home was due to the weekend work being done on the West Coast Main Line, which is the route that trains from London to places in the north use. When this is out of action, alternative routes and coaches are used which takes ages!

So what would usually take around 3 hours, took a lot longer. I'm tired now so will be going t bed shortly to catch up.

Anyway, the Paintball was fun, as expected. I got quite muddy and played various games. Our team won overall, by quite a lot. I see what people say about it hurting a bit initially when you get hit but the pain soon subsides. Although you are left with a red blotch for a while and maybe a bruise. It's expected as the balls are fired at a speed of over 200mph. I like the death match at the end, the five of us helped each other but I fell over and got hit quite a lot whilst trying to get back up and sort my gun out.

I would have stayed in that game longer, but I ran out of paint. Next time, I shall be ready. Overall, a good laugh and experience - but quite costly!

We went to a Delta Force Paintball location - check the website for more information: Delta Force Paintball

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Hi Jaysun,

Sorry, just a question... when writing your blog entry about your trip to a paintball site, why did you feel the need to include their name and a link to the Delta Force site?

Just wondering; see, I'm planning a paintball trip and am trying (in vain, presently) to find out if these Delta Force guys are legit. I've found two highly dubious 'glowing reviews' of the thing on the web, and both included a website and booking details at the bottom, which made me wonder if it were just a salesman posing as a reiewer or owt.

Anyhow, yeah, that's all... why d'ya put it on?



Posted by: Will at May 12, 2004 02:54 PM
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