Monday, December 29, 2003

Online crime up in 2003

That might be true, but a bet a lot of complaints that the Internet Crime Complaint Center receive are related to email scams and other scams trying to con people out of money or help with scams.

I wouldn't class most of this as real crime as only idiots generally fall for these scams anyway. I bet that a good proportion is also made up of people sending complaints about the fact they received an email which was offensive or had a virus attached (probably unknown to the sender) - so, get over it people.

Indeed, the vast majority of these people will be without a doubt, part of the point and click generation. Says it all really.

I'd personally agree with the fact that online crime has gone up and probably will continue to do so, along with the so called crimes which really are not worthy of the status. If more people had a clue & if it were a mandatory requirement that you can use & understand Windows (at least) before being allowed on a computer then things would be better.

All the real crime and would like to be crime aside, it's not such a bad place to be. Let's just rid the Internet & world of sick so called humans instead of going on about silly scams that a monkey wouldn't fall for.

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