Sunday, December 28, 2003

Windows XP & Games

It seems that a lot of games need admin rights on an XP box to run. I've found this out after setting up an XP box for my brother, which he'll be using for a lot of game playing. After a recent post on Slashdot about the same issue, there are a lot of methods people have suggested.

The easiest of course would be to give full admin access to the user, in this case my brother. For the moment I think I will aviod this option and try something else until he gets used to things and won't mess.

A lot of the time the problem will be down to file permissions. For example, you would usually need to use an admin level account to install the game, but when you try running it as a normal user the game can't write to the files because they are owned by another account and if you're not an admin level user, you're going to be stuck.

A simple solution to this would be to change the file permissions and ownership after install, but with some games the problem will go deeper and this alone won't work. I'll probably opt for creating an admin account, not allowing login and then setting games to run as another account, being the new admin account.

But since you can't login as that account, no harm should be done.
There are a number of other suggestions made on the /. post, but this one I thought of initially and it seems other people are using this method too without problems, so I'll see how it goes.

Of course the need for administrator level access to run a game seems silly, but even after sorting out the permissions and things, some of these games still won't run under a normal user account. There are a number of reasons for this, but maybe these should be addressed in future, in the OS and individual games.

These problems are not only specific to Windows XP, but since most home systems these days will be running XP the problem seems to stand out more on this OS.

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