Saturday, December 27, 2003

MT comment uber spam

I'm sure most of us have seen the amount of UCE and other junk left in comments reduced since we all started to use Jay Allen's MT-Blacklist. I have, luckily I employed his nice plugin before I was starting to get too much as my blog was in its early days - it still is.

We should see even less once MT v3.0 and Pro are released.

Now despite all of this, it seems there is something that has been vitally missed.
After all of of mind numbing hours spent on AI R&D, we (the anti blog spam collective) have forgot to consider the LAMERS.

That is right, will we be able to rid our comments of useless junk / offensive messages left by lamers who don't realise it is quite easy to work out who they are, especially when you know them!

I've had comments left by people I know, who for some reason or another think I can't figure out who they are by a number of methods. Anyway, I don't mind deleting a few comments now and then that are not classed as spam - but something of a lower class - LAME COMMENTS.

Declare war - It has never been so much fun.

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