Sunday, December 21, 2003


After reading about the new line of HD DVD blue laser based drives that are currently being developed (and some already announced) I came over the HD-DVD: One Format Only site.

In an already confusing world for some people, I guess having multiple standards is going to make the game even more fun. I don't think that there will be one standard, it'll be more a case of getting consumers to use the new higher capacity drives and media.

For example, if movies were released on the new dics and hardware was purchased to play them, you could have a 2 DVD movie on 1 HD-DVD or more than one movie on a HD-DVD.

There are a lot of options and manufacturers are currently in a battle to get their devices out first. Sony has already started shipping their own new format which they are calling PDD (Professional Disc for Data).

NEC is already showing demos of their first new blue laser based product.
It's all good, technology is moving forward and shall always continue to do so.

The Sony product allows 23GB capacity discs, plus another two specifications which are being put forward - one with 15GB of sorage capacity on a single layer and another with 30GB on duel layer media as well as a 20GB re-writible.

All this extra media capacity will come in handy!

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