Friday, November 7, 2003

The Matrix Revolutions

I've not seen it yet, but from some of the reports I've read - a lot of people are not impressed. Maybe it's because it leaves things open ended? Maybe the fact that this was meant to be the final film, was all part of the plot to get people excited about the prospect of a fourth film.

Who knows. I'll give you my verdict shortly when I go and see it, probably in the next few days.

UPDATE: 09/11/2003

I went to see the film last night. After reading some of the reports previously before going to watch it, I was wondering if the opinions that people have are justified. To be honest I think some of them are a bit harsh. It's usually the way with a trilogy, that by the time the third film is around, you may be bored or expecting too much, since the story line might already be dead.

Overall I thought the CGI was as good as usual but the cinema I went to, the sound wasn't too good there so that was a bit annoying. It was nice to see the sun above all the dark skies. What I was wondering though, was at the end when the Sun comes up, that is in the Matrix - so what about in the real world?

Some things like that have been left opened and unexplained.

What happens to Neo? There are more questions people are asking. I think I'll go read some more reports now I have seen it. There isn't going to be a 4th film, or is there?

I wasn't left confused through this film, but I did notice a few things. Like, why is Persephone back with the Merovingian? Overall I thought it was pretty good, although sometimes you are always going to expect more from the ending.

Maybe there will be another film, I would like to think so!

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