Saturday, November 1, 2003

Cliff Stanford, director turned criminal

It seems that Cliff Stanford, who founded Demon Internet (my ISP) & got 33 million for it when he sold it to Thus PLC in 1998, has been arrested over claims that he has gained unauthorized access into the network of Redbus Interhouse & or redirected mail destined for people there, to a Hotmail address. It appears he has since sold his shares in the company recently.

I find this hard to believe, I think a man which so much money would have a lot of better things to do, for a start. And why risk doing something as trivial as redirecting mail? If you wanted to do something, there are a lot of better things that could have been done. Anyway, as always with these types of case, he probably won't get charged and the case will be dropped.

If they are scared of people reading their mail, they should at least use PGP - they obviously are not that bothered about people looking at their mail!

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