Friday, October 24, 2003

Concorde retired

Just looking over on Kev's blog he has posted about how he would have liked to have flown on a Concorde.
I am thinking exactly the same. Only a few days ago I was looking around at a few sites for concorde information and also a schedule of the last few flights. It really is a shame that they are being retired, when there is nothing wrong with them and okay, it might be financially viable to retire them, but what about selling them off to Richard Branson?

If there is something else in development that will allow such short flights to places like New York, then lets see it. For the moment, I think they should be kept in use - what about the people who fly the London-New York route a lot? Their journeys have now just got a lot longer when they are used to short flights. There are a lot of people that would have liked to experience the speed & height that Concorde can fly at, as well as the amazing view of the earth.

You would think other airlines such as Air France would not retire their planes as well. So it seems there will be no Concorde in flight at all. I should have flew on one whilst I had the chance, but I forgot all about the whole retirement thing until recently.

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