Thursday, October 9, 2003

Napster, hot or not?

Although it seems that Napster is coming back, I really doubt that it will be as big as it was. For everyone that used to enjoy using Napster, have now found other networks to use. Okay, so if it came back as it was, then it would probably be as popular, if not more popular than it was originally. But this time, people are going to have to pay to use it.

Immediate meltdown.

I know what I shall be doing - sticking with Soulseek, WinMX & DC++ clients and the networks they are designed for. Or the *nix alternative clients.

All this trouble that the RIAA are going on about, is caused by the big artists complaining about people downloading their productions for nothing and not buying the CD or whatever. Well, I'm not into chart music. The music I download is of the electronic age - trance, house, techno, dnb etc.

I never hear about any producer of these types of music complaining about people downloading tracks online...Why? because most of this stuff is not released on CD anyway, only on vinyl - so if someone wants to DJ using a track they would buy the record or for new promo tunes, burn to a CD and mix using the CD before the 12" is out. Even if the record wasn't purchased when it was released, the producers are not used to millions of purchases anyway, so they don't complain - they produce for the love of music, not making loads of money.

In chart terms, it's all about the money. Long live the free peer to peer networks. Remember, for unsigned artists wanting to get their work out there, sites and sharing online is the best way of doing it! Never mind people not buying CD's because of online downloading - ever thought that the stuff being released is rubbish? Well, most of it is! that's why less people are buying cd's!

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