Thursday, October 9, 2003

Buy cheap Viagra, Xanax & more online!

That's right, buy Viagra online, buy it cheap - and no messing about with going to get a prescription either. Not really. As this post is just a test. Go read all about this anti-spam test & here also more prescription drugs. Vicodin, Penis enlargement pills, Xanax and lots more!

So, go and buy cheap Viagra. Buy online with your credit card right now for quick delivery.

Spam test over. Anyway, if I were to sell drugs online or offline, I wouldn't bother selling crap, I'd sell mind altering substances instead - all the common recreational drugs, as well as research chemicals, as it's all about the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Come on, if you're going to do something - do it properly!

People must actually buy stuff that is promoted via spam. Maybe they are forced into it because they keep being spammed? The problem is, most of the stuff sold online isn't genuine anyway - cheap rip off stuff more like, due to there being patents in place on most medicines and drugs.

Will it ever end?

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