Monday, October 6, 2003

Mission Critical Systems

I was just reading a story over on The Register about how a British teenager caused disruption to a US port when he used their systems to launch a DDOS attack (so they say). Well, apart from this being laughable, one would ask...

Why are there so many "mission critical" systems connected to the Internet in some way or another these days? Some companies & organizations are just asking for trouble. Well, like most of the people arrested due to computer misuse "so called crimes" in the UK, this one will probably be dropped.

Stop wasting court time and deal with real issues. At least most of them never reach this stage, as most people with half a clue understand how easily things can be spoofed and edited. Maybe there should be a seperate jury of technical advisors who actually understand the implications of dealing with these kinds of cases, instead of just anyone who gets called up!

That could apply to a lot of subjects - Go specialist!

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