Thursday, October 2, 2003

"She's a flight risk"

"flight risk / noun 1. A likelihood of evasion of a course of events by voluntary withdraw, removal or secreting away from a jurisdiction in order to avoid detention, arrest or interrogation, or the institution or continuance of civil, criminal or other proceedings. Also comprehends continued concealment in furtherance of such evasion. 2. A person characterized by the likelihood of such evasion."

I've just spent the last few hours looking at a whole load of different sites, mainly following links from where I started (I can't actually remember). Anyway, most of the sites I've been reading are blogs / cam sites. A lot of them quite nicely designed and graphic. Then I came over Isabella V's site. She's an international fugitive and maintains a blog about her status and encounters. Since it's 6am, I've not had a full read yet, so I'm going to have to have a proper look later to catch on fully to what has happened, the story so far. So I'll post my thoughts after. Indeed, it's something different and seems like it will be interesting to read as things progress.

Even if everything is not as it seems...

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