Thursday, October 2, 2003

Verisign Wildcard - The lawsuits are coming!

Well, things are moving. As it stands, there are at least three lawsuits filed against Verisign. Maybe they could see all this happening and wanted the attention? Who knows. There is a lot of discussion about this top all over the web. We shall see how it unfolds as time progresses. You can read my earlier post about the Verisign Wildcard, here.

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Sarasota, Florida

Anthony (Tony) Martini, and Annette Martini d.b.a. PISHNUT filed a SEVEN BILLION DOLLAR Lawsuit in Tampa, Florida Federal Courts on Monday, September 29th., 2003 against VERISIGN INC., NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC., NETSOL INC., VERISIGN GLOBAL SERVICES INC, BOARD OF DIRECTORS and GEORGE WOLFLAND for the theft of 3,927 DOT US DOMAIN NAMES.

Tony Martini accuses the Defendants of Personally Profiting from their LUCRATIVE DOT US Domain Name List and camouflaging their STOLEN Dot US Domain Names with their numerous sister companies.

Mr. Martini who is the CEO and Vice President of PISHNUT INC. accuses VERISIGN INC. and Network Solutions Inc. and Netsol Inc. of dominating the entire Internet Domain Name Market with all their numerous sister companies.

Mr. Martini also accuses the Defendants of committing "CORPORATE TERRORISM" against himself and his wife Annette Martini and their company PISHNUT and their domain name PISHNUT.COM

Mr. Martini accuses Network Solutions Inc., VeriSign Inc. and NetSol Inc. of holding some of their domain names as hostage.

He also accuses the Defendants of Reselling their entire lucrative DOT US Domain Name List to their friends, acquaintances, sister companies and other businesses and to the highest bidders.

Tony Martini also accuses the Defendants of violating the ANTI-CONSUMER Laws.

Tony Martini and Annette Martini and PISHNUT are seeking SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS PLUS PUNITIVE DAMAGES plus the return of their 3,927 DOT US DOMAIN NAMES that the Defendants Stole.

Mr. Martini accuses the Defendants of causing them severe financial lost to himself and to Annette Martini and to PISHNUT and PISHNUT.COM

Tony Martini
CEO - Vice President of PISHNUT INC. and PISHNUT.COM
email address :

Posted by: Tony Martini at October 21, 2003 01:32 AM
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