Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Verisign Wildcard

I just read a post over on Slashdot about Verisign adding a wildcard A record to the .com & .net TLD's. Another prime example of a company taking every advertising opportunity it can. I don't believe that there is anything anyone could do about it with regards to getting it removed as I'm not aware what boards such as ICANN have to say about it. It's just that we are all used to getting a simple browser error message and the like.

Like Jeremy Zawodny states, lets all block & or ask our ISP's to as well!

Why should we be foced to change, because Verisign feel the need? I suppose in some ways, it could be classed as giving Verisign an unfair advantage when it comes to users registering new domains, as they type a domain in, find it is not registered & are already at Verisign pretty much!

UPDATE - 19/09/2003

I just read on /. that Popular Enterprises, LLC has filed a lawsuit against Verisign over their Sitefinder service. ISC has also promised to update BIND to block Sitefinder according to a story on Wired.

UPDATE: 02/10/2003

The lawsuits are coming!

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