Monday, August 25, 2003

Google Search Results

I just noticed A-list blogger Jeremy Zawodny has an interesting post about Google on his blog. Just after reading his post I went onto Google UK to run a search to find out if I could get the same kind of results with popular words. Anyway, the search I did was "Reading a lot of stuff". Google states that it found about 2,020,000 matches. I'm number one! (which I already knew). Google said: "The following words are very common and were not included in your search: a of."

So I tried the same search without a & of. New search: "Reading lot stuff". Although the same amount of results were found, the returned results were different. I show up 2nd in this search & a lot of other results are different.

It does seem that it's taking more notice if these words than it would appear...Maybe they should re-phrase to state the words are included in search results so if you would like more detailed search results then obmit these words from your searches (rather than say they are ignored)

One thing I have also noticed about google at least, is that it takes notice of the Post subject headers quite a lot, so if you use the right words in the headers, you can get higher up in the search results for good search phrases! Even better when Google likes newer content more and puts it closer to the top!

Yahoo on the other hand, also has slightly different returned results values as well as some different sites listed, but they don't claim to ignore popular words, so different results for different search words are allowed!

UPDATE: Well it seems that now, I'm not even on the first page, or near it! and the amount of returned results appears to have gone down.... Although Jeremy is now listed as I did a trackback to his post. I suppose when we wonder why this information changes, we have to think about how Google is setup and distributed via various servers and database, some not being the REAL database if you like, but data gathered by freshbot rather than deepcrawl.... then obviously which server you hit will be dependant on the load balancing...

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